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Development Update

Data Replication:
Currently we are working on data replication on the cloud system. This allows nodes in various locations to replicate copies of content so that this content is maintained in a high availability state and moves data closest to the end users that need access to the data.

Management System:
Removed cview from the management interface and remove all button functions at they are not required. ... read more

Posted by SLC Security Services LLC 2012-01-18

Distributed Filesystem is Completed

The distributed filesystem is completed and works well. It works so well in fact you can have multiple NODE data directories on a single machine you just have to run the cserver on a different port. So for testing this will work out well. I am currently testing on Windows Vista and testing on XP is complete. I have it running on Linux as well in a test environment. The management interface now actually shows information that allows you to see memory and disk utilization on each node and the current status. The only bug known is that the index button in the management interface throws an error because I have not defined how the communications with individual client nodes will take place yet. Other than that the project is moving along nicely. ... read more

Posted by SLC Security Services LLC 2011-10-03

Status Page

Items are updated on this page BEFORE inclusion on Sourceforge

Posted by SLC Security Services LLC 2011-09-05

Update on Development

13 AUG 2011: Added the source code to Full Download. This version has a working web server and index service. Put your text in the DATA directory and launch the indexer process to process text files. I am currently working on updating the code so that it runs faster than it currently does. The indexing process can run for a long time. I am also working on an on demand indexer that indexes only content that has changed since the last index. More on this to come shortly.... read more

Posted by SLC Security Services LLC 2011-09-05

Verion 3 Stable

We are about to release the version 3 code for beta testing. This is the production code that we are running on our live network with 22 nodes. This setup is currently serving about 66TB of data with about 33TB of actual storage available (mirror level set to 1 copy).

We will be testing the new features soon and wanted to release this version so we can get updates from users on exactly what additions will be made in the next version.

Posted by SLC Security Services LLC 2011-06-14

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