#153 Enhanced Security: Access without server admin rights


I would like to allow my guests to create and save their
own playlists over the web, but I don't want them to
fiddle with the server settings OR wake me up at 3:00am
with "Ace of Spades" at full volume. So I'm thinking
maybe an enhancement to the security subsystem that
allows for different levels of access. I'm thinking
something that allows you to create and manage
individual user logins, each of which can have
specific "roles" allocated to them. e.g. User "bob" can
only create and save playlists, but user "timmy" can
create playlists AND cause the player to play music from
a remote browser. User "admin" has full access to the
system and can manipulate server settings.

I think that would be ace. And so do you.


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