#149 Track rating using POPM field of ID3 tag + psudo random play

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I have been looking for some time for a mp3 player that
my family could

use that would allow us to listen to our vast
collection of MP3s from all

our CDs. This is what I am looking for:

1) User log in with email address so that user
preferences can be added to

POPM field of ID3 tag.

2) When a song is playing the user can + or - on some
input device and it

will change the rating of that song. Value 1 - 255 as
per POPM field.

3) After the song is played the MP3 tag is updated with
user email,

rating, and play count.

4) New song is picked by the system based on:

1) 7/10 songs = random pick weighted to this user
best rating

2) 2/10 songs = random pick weighted to other
users best rating

3) 1/10 songs = random song that this users has
not rated


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