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0.4.0 released

I did a fairly significant rewrite for 0.4.0, most notably a big reliance on CSS for style and positioning of the photo albums. Look at the release notes for more information.

Posted by Ben Klaas 2005-01-14

V0.3.6 Released

enhanced security without breaking special characters in captions; spaces allowed in file and directory names; popup windows for thumbnails during naming/captioning process; installer changes

Posted by Ben Klaas 2002-01-15

0.3.6 release imminent

I had it all done and somehow I overwrote all of my work with the 0.3.5 version. After I recover from my banging my head on the table, I will re-do and resubmit 0.3.6.

Posted by Ben Klaas 2002-01-14

V0.3.5 released

important bug fix on data sanitization; webber now makes larger images

Posted by Ben Klaas 2001-07-24

forget V0.3.2; get V0.3.3

I made a security fix for 0.3.2, but it had a bug in it. If you downloaded 0.3.2, you should immediately upgrade to 0.3.3

Posted by Ben Klaas 2001-05-07

V0.3.1 released

slikpiks has a new logo! apart from that, not much different than 0.3. The install script is slightly modified as well as webber and thumber.

Posted by Ben Klaas 2001-02-01

V0.3 released- image rotation capability

V0.3 adds a new perl script, rotater, which allows a user to rotate a file 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise. Rotater is wrapped into the slikpiks.cgi and will present you with file rotation options as you run the CGI process.

Posted by Ben Klaas 2001-01-24

V0.2.3 is da bomb

I've been using 0.2.3 for a week or so now. It's a big improvement over prior versions. DOWNLOAD IT!

Posted by Ben Klaas 2001-01-12

V0.2.2 released

Image omission option now available during file renaming step.

Posted by Ben Klaas 2001-01-04


This is a minor upgrade. Now supports an html parameter config file, README now available also in html format.

Posted by Ben Klaas 2000-11-22

Version 0.2 now available

New version has a bunch of improvements: templates, conf file, bug fixes. See README in tarball download for full details.

Posted by Ben Klaas 2000-11-22

First release of slikpiks available

to download the most recent released version, go to

Posted by Ben Klaas 2000-11-02

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