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Help Wanted!

The subject line almost says it all.

Basically, if you've used slideshow and found it useful, send me an email. At the moment, I have very little feedback on whether anyone actually USES this program. I can tell how many people download it, but that's about it.

If you've used this program, and found it -NOT- useful, then you should also send me an email. Tell me why you didn't find it useful, what parts of it you didn't like, or something that you think would make it work better for you. ... read more

Posted by Sean Lisse 2001-11-07


There are some rudimentary doc's now available.
Hopefully this'll stop that (nonexistent) flood of emails from people saying "Wow, what a wonderful utility!! How do I use it?".
I've seen lots of page-views show up on the statistics, but no one seems too interested as of yet. :)
They'll learn, Oh they'll learn, they'll ALL learn! (Mad, maniacal laughter)
Either that, or they'll find me and my free software boring, and go elsewhere. Either works for me, although I prefer to think my pet project here is useful to -someone-.

Posted by Sean Lisse 2001-06-29

Files have appeared!

The cvs tree is now populated with files, and the .exe executable has been uploaded and added to the slideshow package. It doesn't seem to have shown up yet, but sourceforge docs assure me that it will.

Posted by Sean Lisse 2001-06-28

First Post!

(grin) Well, the project site is up! I was expecting some sort of email notifying me that it was approved, but I guess you just get to login and find out. I'll try to take some time pretty soon to send in the project files (version 0.2 or so, right now), and an executable version for those of you out there who aren't fortunate enough to own a copy of Delphi.

Posted by Sean Lisse 2001-06-27