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Secret Beta Stuff

In an effort to boost SleepyHead's quality control, future binary builds of SleepyHead will go through a little more rigorous testing by a closed beta group before being publicly released.

This doesn't mean there won't be any more publicly released binaries until release day, it just means that the steps along the way to an official v1.0.0 release will hopefully be more reliable.

The raw source code of course is still open for anyone who wants to delve into it, or "roll their own" binaries from it. ... read more

Posted by Mark Watkins 2014-07-10

Latest SleepyHead Pre-release Downloads (0.9.6)

Posted by Mark Watkins 2014-06-30

SleepyHead has a new official file host.

A lot of users have commented on the confusing green download buttons that appear when attempting to download SleepyHead from SourceForge, which are actually ads to other software placed by SourceForge.

Some of these green buttons, made to look like official project download buttons, have even been known to link to applications that contain malware.

Well, this is most definitely not on!

Thanks to SuperSleeper at ApneaBoard, SleepyHead downloads have a new home over at read more

Posted by Mark Watkins 2014-06-30