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CVS is Available Again

Subj! :-)

Posted by Andrii Kuplevakhskyi 2011-02-10

CVS is unavailable

Posted by Andrii Kuplevakhskyi 2011-02-06

Project Plan Created

Posted by Andrii Kuplevakhskyi 2011-02-05

Project Roadmap Survey Created

Posted by Andrii Kuplevakhskyi 2011-02-05

Tracker Structure Update: Categories, Groups

Tracker structure has been updated. Bugs, Support Requests and Feature Requests artifact types (trackers) have been updated. They have the following categories: General, genetic module, util module, tests module from now on. And they have the following group: v1.0.

Posted by Andrii Kuplevakhskyi 2011-02-04

Forum Topic on Sleepwalker Extension Opened

The topic Solving Custom Optimisation Problems in the Developers forum has been opened. This topic provides guidelines on the easiest way of extending the Sleepwalker library in order to make it able to solve custom optimisation problems.

Posted by Andrii Kuplevakhskyi 2011-02-04

Source Code in CVS Available

Good news for developers! Now the source code is CVS! Join the developers team and you'll be able to contribute easily!

Posted by Andrii Kuplevakhskyi 2011-01-15

Sleepwalker 1.0 released!

Interface-based thoroughly tested genetic algorithms framework on Java!
Provide only 5 classes to solve your own optimization problem!
Provide only 1 class to use a custom criterion/algorithm!

Posted by 12-10-2007 2007-12-12