#5 make install doesn't build other files

Lars Huttar

I have finally gotten Slash'em to compile and link
on Windows 2000, using a heavily modified Makefile.nt.
But "make install" only installs one thing, the
slashem.exe file. When I run it, it complains
'Cannot open dungeon description - "dungeon" from
"D:\LARS\NH\slashem\nhshare" file!'

I searched the build directories and cannot find
a file nhshare or nhushare. I guess they're not
being built.

The files from the "slam644w.zip" binary distribution
cannot be used because they're the wrong version
(Beta 6E5).

Is there a different Makefile, other than Makefile.nt,
that should be used to compile and install Slashem?


  • J. Ali Harlow

    J. Ali Harlow - 2001-08-28

    Logged In: YES

    I use Makefile.gcc for my builds. I don't have a copy of
    Microsoft C, so I don't have any way of testing Makefile.nt.

    Perhaps Makefile.gcc might give you some pointers?

  • J. Ali Harlow

    J. Ali Harlow - 2002-03-23

    Logged In: YES

    This is addressed in patches 457587, 457592, 457593 & 457601
    which will be included in 0.0.6E4F8.

    Until 0.0.6E4F8 is released the only workaround is to follow
    Makefile.gcc and do it manually.

  • J. Ali Harlow

    J. Ali Harlow - 2002-03-23
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  • ozma

    ozma - 2015-06-22

    Question, If I want to make my variant be able to compile (theoretically) on all other systems I need to edit ALL makefiles right?


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