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    I just got the new release.
    ok the last version I got b4 this one worked fine.

    This new version....Slashem-win32 0.0.6E4F1
    It defalts to the graphics not text...but
    I can not get the 3d tiles to function.
    I have set the video=auto detect option, but it gives me a bad syntax message in default.nh.

    Please can you tell me how to get the 3d tiles in this version???

    I love the new windows look and menu system and interface, but much prefer the 3d tiling.

    As I mentioned, i just activated the video=auto detcet in the version before it and it worked

    many thanks

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    The video option is an MS-DOS only option.

    The GTK port uses tiles by default so you simply need to
    tell it which tileset to use. You can do this using the
    Game->Option menu option (under the Misc tab) either
    before or during a game. You can also set the default value
    in your defaults.nh with something like the following line:

    OPTIONS=tiles:Big 3D tiles

    This uses one of the default tilesets. If you prefer to
    make the defaults file a little more readable you can
    specify the tilesets explicitly as follows:

    TILESET=name:Small tiles, file:x11tiles
    TILESET=name:Big tiles, file:x11bigtiles, transparent
    TILESET=name:Big 3D tiles, file:x11big3dtiles, transparent,
    OPTIONS=tiles:Big 3D tiles

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    I got a really fast helpfull and prompt response to my question...
    Thank you guys....


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