#22 koala vs riding on affected horse


this is my own build that is very different from standard but this bug might apply to standard slashem as well. I was riding on a saddled warhorse when I started attacking a koala that was "attacking" with koala attack (calming) . My steed went peaceful but not tame anymore. I stayed on it and it said something like really place steed on map? without a question (y/n) just a -more- and then immediately the program is in disorder you might as well #quit and it did that sequence 2 times then I tried to move and it did it for a couple turns again then I #ride (unmounted) and the problem stopped. then fed a lichen to my steed and #ride (rode away with no more problems) is there someplace in the code that I might have messed up? or is this normal program response to an unhandled exception?


  • ozma

    ozma - 2012-08-29

    is this a common bug for all slashem or did I maybe mess something up in the code (thus creating this bug)?

  • BarclayII

    BarclayII - 2014-01-27

    Can't reproduce in 0.0.8E0F1. I entered wizard mode, created and got on a warhorse, then created a koala. After the koala touches my steed I got thrown off instead.


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