#90 Necromancer grave digging


For SlashEM 0.0.7E7:

Necros are not treated differently on alignment changes
for grave robbing than 'most' classes! While Samurai &
Archaeologists are!

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Samurai -1, 0, +1
Archaeologist -3, 0, +3
All Others -1 (if Alignment>-10), 0, 0

Since 'grave robbing' definitely seems in keeping with
the idea of Necromancers (looking for a 'free' body for
animation), they should definitely be different. What
about -

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Necromancers 0, +1, +3

Reasons -

Chaotics: No cares about 'Morals' very interested in
undoing 'lawful' burial taking corpses away from their
use & getting new corpses. Either for pet food or to

Neutrals: laws/morals are of some interest but no real
importance to the character, getting new pets is
important and grave robbing is a way to get them (with
animate dead techneque) without combat (hopefully)

Lawfuls: Desecrating grave is not Lawful but the only
way this 'reformed' character (all start Chaotic) can
fight the forces of Chaos is to invite dead heros to
come back to the plane of the living to fight once
again. (balances out)

Also maybe give Necromancers +1 on alignment if the
outcome of the dig is a corpse (their main reason for
Also it seem odd that Necromancers would get their WIS
abused for digging up a grave with a usable corpse,
maybe excersise WIS if a body is found to counteract this?

+1 (+excer WIS) if corpse found


  • Xeno

    Xeno - 2005-06-03
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • J. Ali Harlow

    J. Ali Harlow - 2005-06-03
    • labels: 103347 -->
  • J. Ali Harlow

    J. Ali Harlow - 2005-06-03

    Logged In: YES

    Reclassifying as a feature request since the current
    behaviour is as intended.

  • Xeno

    Xeno - 2005-06-03
    • priority: 4 --> 6

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