#80 Spheres don't cause shopkeepers to become angry


This bug allows players with any sort of Sphere attack,
such as Flame Sphere and Freeze Sphere, to kill
shopkeepers without the slightest danger. Shopkeepers
WILL dislike you and call you scum, but they won't go
OUT of the shop to attack you. They can, however, still
throw potions out the door if you're in their vision.


  • J. Ali Harlow

    J. Ali Harlow - 2005-06-04
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I think that some kind of control technique could be utilized after level 4 or so to limit or stop elemental spheres from attacking peacefuls (or maybe stop them from attacking at all) for 111 turns to 433 turns or something like that so that you could invoke (Alt-T)echnique (control spheres) to keep from killing things in a shop (like guards or peaceful goats or shopkeepers) but maybe letting them kill mimics or other random monsters. Or how about flame/frost spheres can be directed by your will when you reach a certain skill level and/or experience level. (in other words) the flame sphere attacks the peaceful hobbit (y/n)? (might get tedious after a while though). It would be good to be able to use the technique but also be able to toggle it once per timeout to go back off again. (just so you could walk through that shop or peaceful throne room without fear)


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