I 'm not sure of what I am doing.........

  • EverHacker

    EverHacker - 2007-02-08

    I have been playing the normal NetHack game and a few upgraded variations of it for a while now.

    Right now I have been playing the Net Hack 3.4.3 Version.

    I have been trying to successfully download/extract/run the SlashEm variation of Nethack.

    It's not working. It's not quite as simple normal NetHack.  It's needs fiddling around with and sorting out I'm not getting anywhere with this.

    I have also downloaded the GTK interface as instructed. I think I did manage to combine it with the Slash'Em source and Slash'Em DOS.

    But I can't get beyond that.

    It has alittle file window
    with ADD, EDIT, DELETE, SET AS DEFAULT written downward to the right and REVERT, CANCEL, CONNECT (with alittle green light.)
    writtne on the bottom interface.

    I'm not sure what to do with that.

    Firstly I should let you know that I am using windows 2000 ( atleast.) and DOS isn't as easy to get to. Though, I really which one of these downloads are gonna work with the machine I'm using.

    There were quite a few files to download. Though I'm pretty sure the Linux files ( & a few others.) aren't compatible with what I have got.

    So if somebody would be so kind as to give me a blow by blow. A installation and extraction procedure for dummies like me.

    I just want the link for the code that is the main game proper. I suppose thre are few other downloads that include upgrade codes and even some nifty looking graphics.

    I f I can find these and be told how to install them and run them properly that would be great.

    • J. Ali Harlow

      J. Ali Harlow - 2007-02-08

      The first thing you need to decide is whether to go for the DOS version or the MS-Windows version (either will run under win2k, but they are not compatible with each other). If you prefer a text based interface, then there is very little to choose between them from a game play point of view. If you prefer graphics, then they are very different. The DOS port has one graphical interface (Allegro). This is very pretty, but isn't as well supported as it used to be. The MS-Windows version has two graphical interfaces (Common controls and Gtk+). The common controls interface is very similar to vanilla NetHack's so if you are used to this that may be an advantage. I prefer the Gtk+ interface but then I'm biased because I maintain it. It has a pseudo-3d mode similar to Allegro, but doesn't have all the animations.

      It sounds as though you've got the Gtk+ interface installed but no MS-Windows core binary. If you install the core binary, then the Gtk+ interface will offer to connect to the local executable so you can play on your own machine. Alternatively, you can use the Gtk+ interface as it is to connect to a NhExt server (http://www.forkexec.com/html/slashem-gtk.html describes the only one I know of). Installing the core binary will also allow you to play using the common controls interface.

      Hope that gets you started.

    • EverHacker

      EverHacker - 2007-02-08


      I'll see how it goes.

    • EverHacker

      EverHacker - 2007-02-08

      Well, that was still alittle difficult, I tried using the GTK-hack and putting in that port number . But I screwed up.

      Anyway, I found a link to the Core-download here.


      I think it's third from the top of the links listed there.

      I think this one runs all by it self. Hard to tell though. As it may also be using something from the GTK software installed . Perhaps not though as it's not running from the GTK window, but it's own.

      I would really like to know if this has the latest upgrade programmed into it. As I have heard there were a few.

      On the Slash'Em web page it does show some of the diffrent graphcal tile sets that can be used with this gmae. I was particuly impress withthe one up the top on the left hand side and was wondering if it's easy to download and install with what I now already have.


      Just scroll half way down. It does say Allegro tile set. Something you mentioned earlier.

      • J. Ali Harlow

        J. Ali Harlow - 2007-02-09

        The core binary will run the common controls interface by default (it can also be tweaked to run a text-based interface). Not sure what you mean by latest upgrade. Slash'EM works on version numbers like most software. It is split into a stable series (versions beginning with 0.0.7) and a development series (versions beginning with 0.0.8). The latest stable version is 0.0.7E7F3 (and the latest development version is 0.0.8E0F1). So, if you're running version 0.0.7E7 you're three bug fix versions behind the latest stable version. The latest stable binaries (and source) can always be downloaded from the stable page: http://www.slashem.org/stable.html (and similarly development versions can be downloaded from the devel page: http://www.slashem.org/devel.html if you feel like living dangerously).

        The allegro interface is only available with the DOS port although as I believe I mentioned, the Gtk+ port using the pseudo-3D tiles looks very similar and runs under MS-Windows as well as UNIX.


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