#881 USE_REGEX_MATCH fails on Solaris 10


As reported by Matthew Smith on slashem-discuss,
building under Solaris 10 fails because unixconf.h is
defaulting to GNU regex:

> After several successful builds of Slashem on various
Linux boxes, I
> thought that I'd try to build it on my SunBlade 100
> running Solaris 10.


> Having done a bit of Googling, I have been unable to
find anything at
> all on configuring for Solaris 10, so have tried a)
leaving at Unix
> defaults and b) defining SUNOS4 in unixconf.h. Looks
like all the
> Slashem references to Solaris - of which there are a
good few - are
> to ancient versions.

> No matter what I do, I always get this straight off:


> touch ../src/config.h-t

> cc -O -I../include -c monst.c

> In file included from monst.c:30:

> ../include/color.h:71: error: field `match' has
incomplete type


  • J. Ali Harlow

    J. Ali Harlow - 2006-10-29

    Proposed fix

  • J. Ali Harlow

    J. Ali Harlow - 2006-10-29
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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