#88 Patch for /etc/init.d/slash


Brian and I were having some problems with slashd dying
on tangent.org which also hosts antiochsucks.com (my
site). Well Brian asked if I could modified
/etc/init.d/slash to check if slashd for the different
site he runs had died. I did that plus and added a cool
features that you might want to add to the current CVS.
(I can see there might be problems with OS's that are
not Linux. I need to know the right "ps" line for the
new keepalive option.)

./slash keepalive

This will look at what sites you have and check to see
if its running. First it looks to see if a slash.pid
file was created. If not it will start slashd for that
site. If the slashd.pid is there it looks to see if
there is something called slashd running on that PID.
If not removes the bad slash.pid and start a new slashd
for that site.

./slash checkvars

This just prints out the vars that are used by slash
and past to slashd. Its just nice to see what you have.
Good want to see if you have what you expected in

I attached a patch file so you can see the changes I
made it should patch against 1.11 that is in CVS right

(in the same dir as the version of slash you want to
patch )
patch -p0 < slash-patch


  • Yazz D. Atlas

    Yazz D. Atlas - 2002-11-12

    simple patch file for util/slash init script

  • Yazz D. Atlas

    Yazz D. Atlas - 2002-11-12

    simple patch

  • Yazz D. Atlas

    Yazz D. Atlas - 2002-11-12

    Logged In: YES

    Uploaded the wrong version the first time... look at the one
    with the discription "simple patch". I would delete the
    other it sf would let me....

  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2002-11-19
    • assigned_to: nobody --> pudge
  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2002-11-20

    Logged In: YES

    Committed to CVS. I made some formatting changed because I
    am an anal bastard. Is in use now on use.perl.org, works
    great. Thanks!

  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2002-11-20
    • labels: 310623 --> Development branch
    • assigned_to: pudge --> cmdrtaco
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2002-11-21
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-accepted

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