Hello out there.

  It's been a long while since smokedot.org was running slash but we are making the attempt to get back to our roots. On our fresh ubuntu dapper server I have installed latest Apache/1.3.34, mysql 5.0.22, mod_perl 1.29, and installed all required libs. The debian section really helped out in the INSTALL doc. Bundle::Slash installed cleanly expcept I had to force the install of Apache::Test, Apache::Cookie, and CalandarMonth like it said in the install. Everything seems to be running cleanly, but I had this exact same problem last time I tried to install slash last January using cvs current.

I have read the lottadot faqster response at http://slash.lottadot.com/faqster.pl?op=view&fid=1#q82 - namely running the new_headfoot script and freshenup, but that didn't fix it last time or this time. I spent a lot of time last time trying and gave up due to lack of progress. I'm hoping someone else out there has had this problem before and got it fixed or has some idea on what I'm missing. I appricate any help.