Hi Shane,
As I said earlier, I'm pretty new to slashcode (about a week now though), and am not very sure how to go about the virtual hosting for subdomains. Hacking around I was able to figure out that if I had multiple virtual users I could add more slashsites to the same host and run them all at the same time. So here's what I did:
  1. prepared the server for slash by removing all preinstalled stuff that would've conflicted (Perl, Apache, MySQL)
  2. Reinstalled from source using documentation at slashcode.org
  3. downloaded the latest css enabled slash from CVS (version 2.2.6 I believe but I could be wrong as I got it from CVS and it doesn't really say which version it i even in the CHANGES file)
  4. setup a virtual user lets call it virtslash
  5. did a install-slashsite for my primary site using one virtual user
  6. got the site up and running
  7. next I added a new virtual user to DBIx::Password and created a MySQL database for this user
  8. setup the second subdomain using the virtual user added in step 6 by running a install-slashsite and providing new user when asked for it
  9. did the include jazz and tested both sites as running indepedently
Now my requirement is that these should be able to share data. But it seems, and actually rightfully so, that that is not possible or at the very least not adviseable. I tried getting the lottadot plugin but seems the cvs server is not working. Will try again or maybe install the slashcode once again with all modules selected, I think lottadot was an option there.

Could you, or anyone else on the list, kindly detail the steps involved in setting up sections and then using them for the subdomains. So for example if I setup a section named rock (we're doing a music site) and I want to make that section the doc root for say rock.domain.com then how should I actually go about it. Even if it's a readme which I have not been able to find the help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
Warm Regards

On 9/12/06, Imtiaz A khan <khanimtiaz@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I was finally able to setup slashcode and get it working as well as get
> subdomains going. I used multiple virtual users and multiple databases for
> the subdomains. Now my question is :
> Is it possible to have one central database for all of the subdomains?  This
> way, when a user logs into the homepage or any of the subdomains, he will be
> logged into the entire site (this is what we want).  It also may be easier
> to set up the subdomains to pull from this central database according to
> different parameters (for example: only display rock stories).
> I see on slashdot.org that they have multiple stories listed on the front
> page and these come from different subdomains. Is that a plugin at work and
> if yes what should I be looking at?
>  I would very much like to have a single sign-on for all subdomains and
> content sharing between all, however if that is not something slashcode
> provides as a functionality is it atleast possible to get content from
> subdomains listed on the main page as is done on slashdot.org.
>  Thanks in advance for your help
>  Warm Regards
>  Imtiaz
>   khanimtiaz@gmail.com

Bye for now
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