When running slashcode, I've found the best thing to do is not have the db and httpd servers on the same machine.

Split it up, each on their own machine. With that, then it just depends on traffic load. If it's not much, you can run several slash sites, and non sites, on the httpd machine.


On Jun 17, 2005, at 2:52 PM, Jim wrote:

Very cool, thanks for the heads up. So would you suggest I install the code now, don't do any custom template stuff yet, upgrade when this new code is done, and then do the templates I want? Or am I better off waiting until this stuff is all done before I even install it?
Again, I'm green behind the ears here with SlashCode so I really don't know what I'm getting myself into; I do know that slashcode is the solution I need though. When I install it on my dedicated machine, can I still have other virtual domains on the machine that don't use SlashCode? Or is that a bad idea? -- Figure the slash site I'm putting together to have 40,000 members, and I do have a dedicated box (Athlon XP 3000 - 1GB RAM.)
Thanks for the all the help with this -- I'm getting better support here than I do at my day job for giant expensive systems!

- Jim

Rob Malda <malda@slashdot.org> wrote:
Tim Vroom & Wes Moran at OSTG have been working on the porting of both the Slashcode core theme, and Slashdot's theme.  Slashcode itself will have a new default theme (which looks very nice I might add).

Pudge wrote all the validator stuff.  A lot of this is in place already.  

Things like the Index are done.  Things like admin.pl and the countless preferences pages are not.  I suspect what will happen is that we'll deploy with a number of parts of the site not totally folded over into CSS.  Only a tiny % of users use journals for example.  And there are like 20 pages of user preferences.  Now a lot of these are done, but it's still a LOT of HTML to fix.

Also, we're not going fully to XHTML at this point... the reason essentially is that we can't control the text that comes from advertisers, and if we enforced XHTML and an ad was incompliant, we'd have a broken page.  Nobody wants that.  We'll be close tho, and the ad industry catches up, we'll likely switch.

On Jun 17, 2005, at 11:03 AM, Shane wrote:

No, the section-topics changeover was a migration from the old sections system. That's what the article you've linked to is talking about. It's from near-this-time last year. See

for a bit of an explanation on what changed.

The slashcode theme conversion to xhtml/html4, there's been work done. I don't know how much. I do know that there's a new Validator plugin in the src, that, I think, will create/convert html to be valid in different formats. (I don't know for sure, haven't had time to look at it in depth). I know something like that Validator would've had to be created before such a theme could be released, because a site's comments, and stories, would all need to be cleaned and re-rendered to do it all properly.

I think it's more of a "It'll get finished when it gets finished, as we find the time to work on it". But that's just my gut feeling towards the whole thing.

I too am looking forward to it. Esp how it'll handle CSS stylesheets per section-topics. Hopefully I can convert my sites over to it all and quite fumbling with playing catchup with my theme's templates to their changes.


On Jun 17, 2005, at 9:54 AM, Jim wrote:

Oh, is that related to this?
Anyone with an idea of when that might happen? Days, weeks, months? I'm not in a huge rush, just been waiting since I read that post a while back and trying to time my laundry list of projects...
- Jim
P.S. I think I asked for it when I had a slip and called Jamie - Jenny - oops...

Shane <shane@lottadot.com> wrote:
heh, yea that Jamie can be wicked cruel sometimes :)

A true xhtml/html4 theme, blessed by the slashcode crew, is coming,
as far as I'm aware.
If I were you, I'd wait for the release of that. I wouldn't think
it'd be that hard to move from those to to xml/xsl/xlt/etc

One thing I'd recommend is create your own theme, and get the hang of
the section-topics and how the templates and cosmetics can change w/
a nexus. There's a small howto about creating themes on http://


On Jun 16, 2005, at 11:00 PM, Jim wrote:

> Alright, Jamie is calling me a wuss for not installing
> slash code myself. I'll get off my lazy @$$ and do it.
> A lot of you guys wrote me saying it wasn't that hard
> to install... but customizing it was the bitch. I
> asked Jamie why there isn't an XSLT front end to slash
> code, and got the response of “Patches welcome :)”
> I'll admit that I haven't even opened the zip for
> slash code yet so maybe I'm asking for trouble, but
> would I be better off just writing an XSLT patch
> instead hacking together some custom thing I want to
> do?
> Here's the templates I still need customized with my
> logo, menu, etc:
> http://www.duncecapjokes.com/template/3271/With_fl/Html/0786.html
> http://www.duncecapjokes.com/template/3271/With_fl/Html/0786_1.html
> It's a lot different than the default interface now,
> but it wouldn't be all that hard to do if slashcode
> just shot some XML to some XSL files... or am I
> dreaming? You don't need it on all the admin pages,
> just the end-user pages (again, I've never installed
> or used slashcode aside from being a user of slashdot-
> so...)
> Coming into this code completely new, I'm kinda
> looking for recommendations from people who've been
> using the system for a while now. Would I be better
> off just doing the work on an XSLT patch instead of
> monkeying around with trying to customize it?
> Thanks,
> - Jim
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