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The "use of uninitialized value" is just a warning.  Those won'tcause 500 errors, and in most cases aren't worth worrying about.(_We_ worry about them because they usually indicate trouble spotsin our code to look over, but they're usually not a problem forother sites that are just running our code.)
Likewise, the "_genericGets" is a debugging print that seems tohave survived through more releases than it should.  Ignore it.
Here's the actual error:
[Wed Aug  2 18:14:10 2006] [error] Can't call method "getFilesForStory" on an undefined value > at $SLASH_PREFIX/$SLASHSITE/htdocs/admin.pl line 1442.\n
That code reads (I'm assuming -- the line number on my checkout isa little off):
        if ($constants->{plugin}{Blob}) {                my $blobdb = getObject("Slash::Blob");                my $files = $blobdb->getFilesForStory($sid);
The problem is that the Blob plugin constant is set, whichactually just means there's a line in the site_info table withname='plugin' and value='Blob'.  That's supposed to (and usuallydoes) indicate that Blob is installed.  But
is returning undef.  This could be for a number of reasons. Trythese tests.  You should see something like what I see on my testsystem:
jamie@daisy:~/slash.cvs$ perl -MSlash::Test=slash -le 'print getObject("Slash::Blob")'Slash::Blob=HASH(0x96c4f28)
jamie@daisy:~/slash.cvs$ perl -le 'require "Slash/Blob.pm"; print $INC{"Slash/Blob.pm"}'/usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/Slash/Blob.pm
My guess is that that first line returns nothing on your sitebecause getObject("Slash::Blob") returns undef.  The output fromthe second line may help explain why.
If those lines return similar values to mine, my next guess isthat your "dbs" table is misconfigured.  For a one-DB-instancesite it should be empty;  if yours isn't, paste a "SELECT * FROMdbs" into email and let's take a look.--   Jamie McCarthy http://mccarthy.vg/  jamie@mccarthy.vg

Piggybacking on what Jamie said, this is mentioned in the FAQ: http://slash.lottadot.com/slash-faq

scroll down to first mention of 'getFilesForStory' 




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