While this thread is probably OT (or minimally OT for OSX Install on Tiger thread) I'll chime in.

I don't think updating Slashcode is difficult. Yesterday we just up'd from _169 to _175, 2 systems, 2 sets of code, in about a half an hour yesterday. Most of that was just double-triple checking for errors once the new version was installed/removed/installed on a dev system.

What's a PITA, and admittedly so, is for the common person to attempt to upgrade from Slashcode v2.2.6 to current-cvs/T-Tag. There no "upgrademe.pl" script to run that "just does it". It's not that there aren't instructions on how to do the update. There are, in the INSTALL. It's not that those instructions don't work (they do). People would have to read them, and then _do them_. For people who have sites hosted by a slash-hosting company, most of those are 2.2.6, and most don't want to pay the man-hours to get everything upgraded. So they still run 2.2.6. Which wasn't css-based, and people went and modified/hacked the heck out of the templates to get css in there. So each of your customers templates are so wacked that updating them to CSS would either force the ISP to pay their guys to port the  customizations (ha, ya, that'll happen) or you're forcing your customer to port their changes to CSS by XX date, which would more then likely be a rather painful process.

But  if you know what you're doing, are familiar w/ the upgrade process, etc. It's not bad. I've upgraded probably 10 or 15 customer's websites from 2.2.6 to current, and each probably averaged a little over an hour of time.

If you do the upgrade to a later version that's css-ified, updates are then cake from that point. And most of the OSTG updates that come down the pipe are internal, or the more internal templates, so your custom css isn't messed with. Then you get the added functionality of the Instant Messenger updates, Discussion2, Ajax, tags, the Firehose, and more.

FWIW, I do upgrade services and slash-hosting. If anyone's interested, email me off-list.


On Sep 25, 2007, at 12:57 PM, Craig Hand wrote:

I've had a look at PostNuke, however I didn't manage to find a comparable moderation system, is there an extension that does anything similar to Slash?

On 25/09/2007, Eric Dannewitz <ericdano@jazz-sax.com> wrote:
I don't really think you looked enough. PHP Nuke would be one.

I loved slash, and ran it for years, but it really is a pain to run and

Craig Hand wrote:
> For example? I've been through all the alternatives and they all have
> problems. Either they don't do what Slash does, or they do but only
> with a lot of modification, or they do and have similar installation
> issues. While I'd love to use something easy to install that runs on
> shared hosting, I haven't come across anything that will do this that
> has a comment/moderation system as good as Slash. If there is
> something I've missed, do tell!

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