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On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 9:06 PM, Marc G. Fournier <scrappy@hub.org> wrote:

In order to get things moving forwarded, and based on what Rob stated in
his email, here is the direction I'm proposing for those wishing to move
forward ...

I have registered slashtng.{org,net,info,com,biz} so that there is little
risk of someone else coming along and confusing things.

I'm setting up a virtual machine (I own my own hosting company) for
slashtng.org that will have:

       SlashCode for announcements / portal
       MediaWiki for Documentation
       phpBB3 for User Forums
       Majordomo2 for mailing list discussions

Shane has set up the code on github, and, hopefully, will act as "the
maintainer", since he obviously knows something about Git ...

I believe George's goal is improving documentation, especially as far as
installations are concerned ...

My goals are a bit more far-reaching ... getting SlashTNG to support
PostgreSQL for a backend (15 years with postgreSQL makes me kinda biased
on useful backends), as well as modernizing the code (ie. Apache 2.2 vs
1.x, newer perl modules, etc) ...

My experiences with OSS tend to be that you can either spend weeks
discussing things until everyone gets bored and on ... or you can "just do
it" ...

Personally ... "just do it" tends to get things moving faster ...

Any objections, speak up ... I'm just trying to push from a "what a cool
idea" to "let's get working" ...

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