What happened when you typed "make"? What happened when you typed "make install"? Quick question: were you logged in as "root" when you tried this?

- Cliff

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 5:46 PM, Flemming Bjerke <flem@bjerke.dk> wrote:
Dear All

I have followed various tutorials of installation of slashcode. And
eventually, I got installed the relevant modules (not least
Bundles::Slash) and created a mysql database. Then, I unpacked
Bundled-Slash.2.52 and cd into it. Then:
perl Makefile.pl (which created a Makefile)
make install

But, nothing seems to happen. There is no /usr/local/slash or
/etc/init.d/slash. I have looked in the makefile, but I have little
knowledge about the different funktions and variables so I am quite lost.

Could anyone help me?

I use debian Squeeze on a 32-bit small tosiba laptop with intel
processor that I use as server.


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