That pretty much hits the nail on the head, there.

- Cliff

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 4:45 PM, Shane Zatezalo <> wrote:

On Jun 11, 2009, at 8:49 AM, Alexandre Leroux wrote:

> [...]
> Slashcode is dead, long live Slashcode?


I too agree, and disagree.

The community seems to be slowly drifting away. Things like not
accepting patches, vagaries about where things are heading, no
official releases, no automated migratory path from 2.2.6 to the
latest, moving from CVS at SF to git at github and then seemingly
stopping commits to it, all are rough on an open source project. (to
be fair, it's been many months since I did a git pull to look, but
there seemed to be quite a draught from the faucet for quite some time).

That said, it's open source. We all have the source. Want a feature?
Code it up. Can't code? Learn or pay someone to do it.

Just because a company open sources it's wares, doesn't mandate that
it prop the community, drive it nor fund it. They've done the vast
majority of the work just by agreeing to put it out there for all to
use, for free, ridicule, bitch about. And most of the time when this
happens, employees end up devoting a chunk of their personal time to
help out the project or stick around on IRC or help handhold those w/
lesser skills. Sometimes a ridiculous amount of personal time, emails,
IM's and IRC chats, considering it's their *own* time.

Also, someone pointed out one of the best things about Slashcode
(IMHO) - the stability of it. Over the past few years there have been
an absolute minimal number of security holes. For the most part, it's
stable like a rock. You can get it running, and then you don't spend
your time having to maintain it daily, you and your staff just use it.

So I guess I've seen it both ways.

I suppose someone could step up and fork it, put up a project and
system for it, patch it, mod it, take requests, take submissions
(review, tweak, test, patch), take all the existing feature requests
on SF and implement them. Would that drive the community back to what
it once was years ago?

Who's got a hand waving in the air volunteering to do all that for

I don't know of any other way to "help" the community, other then to
devote time to it. Which at the moment, and for the foreseeable
future, I do not have.


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