Regarding the theme name, it's probably best to drop "wordpressclone" and create your own shorter version. At the risk of being derivative:


As far as naming conventions go, I don't think there is an official one. We can adopt an "unofficial" one, if we are going to be consistent. I'd think 12-24 chars as a "name" with an added "_theme" should work well enough.


- Cliff

On 3/13/06, shane <> wrote:

I was messing around w/ the stock slashcode theme's css tonite and I
ended up getting a little more creative then I intended. I created a
clone of the stock Wordpress look n feel for slashcode.


The code's in CVS, so either peruse via

or just grab it:

cvs login
cvs checkout wordpress

It's not 100% complete, in that I didn't mess with trying to make
content from fit into the wordpress "box". But the
frontpage looks halfway decent. I honestly do not intend to work on
this much further. So if this is at all any interest to anyone,
please speak up and let me know.

Patches appreciated.


PS - what's the 'standard' for naming conventions for themes? part of
me thought this should be called 'wordpressclonetheme' and another
thought 'slashwordpressclonetheme' but that's kinda long. When I've
created themes in the past, they were always for a specific website.
So this is different from that. Note that the stock slashcode theme
is just called 'slashcode' not 'slashcodetheme'. So I'm wondering if
there's a naming convention to go by, and if there isn't, with the
advent of the css conversion of slashcode odds are more themes will
follow, so maybe there should be?

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