Right now, tags in the story editor doesn't work. You need to go to article.pl and edit it there. But when the bugs are fixed, you should be able to edit tags when you preview the story (it's in the same place in both article.pl and admin.pl)

This is at least what they tell me.

- Cliff

On 3/12/06, shane <shane@lottadot.com > wrote:
I just upgraded one of our servers from _93 to latest cvs-head, so
I'm playing with some of the new plugins, particularly the tags plugin.

I don't see where you can edit a story's tags from w/in the story
editor interface.

Am I missing something or does this not exist... if it doesn't exist
is it planned?


PS - cool stuff this tags and ajax. I'm looking forward to tapping
into it all w/ my own code. Thanks guys.

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