A lot has changed in hardware since I last bought a server, so this is a request for recommendations:
I'm trying to spec out a server which will be used to serve a Slash site to an audience of about 600 people.  This site will reside on a corporate Intranet, so there's no chance of the server getting 'slashdotted.'  I expect the average user will hit the site a few times a day to read, post, etc.  I want to use hardware that has some horsepower to spare, but I don't want to use anything expensive.  Also, I wish to avoid using cutting-edge or "nonstandard" hardware, as I don't want to spend time applying patches to my Linux distro.
I plan to request at least 1 Gig of RAM for the box.  Also, I will need two hard-drives (~80+ Gig), as I wish to implement RAID 1 (mirroring).  I'm specifically looking for processor, memory and motherboard recommendations.  Anyone care to venture an opinion on using software RAID vs. hardware RAID?  SCSI vs. EIDE vs. SATA?  Gigabit Ethernet is desired.  But Linux (2.6) support is more important than performance. 
To put it another way, what's the best (x86) server I can get for less than $1500?