Thanks for all the help guys. I've got mod_perl, Apache and the Slash CPAN Bundle installed (I think anyway), I already had MySQL 5 on that machine. The GCC problem was fixed by installing the default Developer Tools installation in addition to just GCC. I'll give the Slash install a try tonight.

On 26/09/2007, Chris Nandor <> wrote:
Regarding Slash on Mac OS X, I do all my development on Mac OS X too
(currently 10.4.10).  I've not installed it in a long time, though.

Also worthy of note: I am running Slash using PPC builds of MySQL, Apache,
perl, etc. on an Intel MacBook Pro right now.  Works great.  (It's a new
upgrade for me, and I am waiting for perl 5.10, due any day now, before
upgrading Slash to x86.)

Chris Nandor      
Slashdot / SourceForge

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