For example? I've been through all the alternatives and they all have problems. Either they don't do what Slash does, or they do but only with a lot of modification, or they do and have similar installation issues. While I'd love to use something easy to install that runs on shared hosting, I haven't come across anything that will do this that has a comment/moderation system as good as Slash. If there is something I've missed, do tell!

On 25/09/2007, Eric Dannewitz <> wrote:
Why would you even want to install slash when there are so many other
great alternatives out there?

Craig Hand wrote:
> I've found a couple of stories on
> <> regarding Slash on OSX, however nothing recent
> and I was wondering if the situation has changed any with Tiger (and
> indeed perhaps Leopard). For example, while somepody mentioned a good
> guide to installing mod_perl for OSX, AFAIK it was written around four
> years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Unlike back in the day,
> the likes of PHP4 and mod_perl can now be enabled in OSX simply by
> uncommenting them in httpd.conf, and MySQL (as well as PHP5) can be
> installed with a friendly binary.
> As someone who's looking to install Slash on Tiger, do any of these
> developments make things any more straightforward or does Slash still
> require everything to be built from scratch? If it's the latter, does
> anyone have any pointers for someone who's not afraid of the command
> line but a bit of a greenhorn when it comes to the likes of apt-get
> and make? Also, how does the OSX install process differ from the Linux
> one?
> Thanks!