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Okay, I noticed another problem and have adjusted the database, attached is the updated snapshot of the tables. What I was doing was associating all the second level topics (animals, blondes, sports, etc) to all the first level topics (audio, video, pictures, etc) in the topic_parents table. Now I've changed the second level topics to not be associated to any first level topics, and I'm able to search by looking at all the videos, or search by all the sports. -- I'm not sure if this is a good idea, any help would be appreciated.

Your approach would work. I refer to topics like that as "abandoned", but a better term is probably "parentless".

You could have also changed the weight, and left them related to the parent. 

An easy way to "see how the weighting works" is to do the following:

1. install a barebones slash-site.
2. there are topics such as linux and slash and slashcode. pick one. change the weight on it, regarding how it weighs against the "main" topic.
3. restart slashd,httpd
4. site-admin-stories-new
5. add the topic that you editted to the story. click preview. it will show you where, or not, the story will be posted. now remove the topic, click preview.
6. repeat #2, and change the weight to a different value. (like I said, 1,30,10 are common if you grep the code I think they are the differentiating values that directly control behavior).
7.repeat #5.

rinse and repeat on #6 and #7 till you're understanding how the weights affect *where* a story is to be shown.

8. then remove the topic who's weight you modified from the story and add a non-weight-modified topic to the story. click preview. lookup this non-weight-modified topic's weight. note the difference, and the different behavior between 1,10,30, and any values you would choose to set that are in-between them all (and also higher then 30).

If you do all of the above, and then read up on the articles on lottadot that are related to all this you'll probably have one of those "oh I get it" moments.

hope that helps.

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