On Dec 27, 2006, at 11:06 AM, Leoncini Xavier wrote:

I have been trying to customize the site of our team and decided to use 
slashcode for that.
However I am currently confronted with 2 problems.
For the event plugin: I cannot set an event date later than 2006 (except 
manually in the database)

Try applying this to your slashcode website's database:

INSERT INTO code_param (type, name, code) VALUES ('years','2007', 7);

Bug filed fyi:


For the daily mail, I am not sure how the skins etc.. works, I have played 
with the page.pl which I defined as my default skin afterwards,

You mean you defined the index_handler for the mainpage skin to be 'page.pl'? 

but I have 
kept the regular index.pl so curious people may access it. And ever-since 
that change I do not get the daily emails to get sent.

I would hazard the guess that a skin's index_handler doesn't affect the daily mailer at all, at-least it wouldn't stop the task from completing. However, what's your 'cur_performance_stat_ops' var set to?

mysql> select * from vars where name='cur_performance_stat_ops';
| name                     | value                  | description                               |
| cur_performance_stat_ops | article|comments|index | ops to show current performance stats for |

you may have to add 'page' to that and restart your slashd daemon.

So if anybody has a solution to these problems help would be appreciated.

Your skin setup shouldn't affect your daily email. The 'daily mail' I'm assuming is the daily stats email message from the Slash::Stats plugin?

If you look at Slash::Stats, http://slashcode.cvs.sourceforge.net/slashcode/slash/plugins/Stats/ 

it has the task adminmail.pl


that's what's sending the email message out.

Since this is a task that's run by the slashd daemon, you should look at your site's logs/slashd log file for errors et all. You can increase the amount of information in that log by changing the slashd verbosity value in your vars. (see faq for more exact information, search it for 'task' and 'verbosity')


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