Based on Chinese version Slashcode, beta has been running
flawlessly for a couple of months.

In order to make Slash to be running on Chinese language environment
smoothly, we have spent more than one month to patch and configure it.
Currently slash is quite sophisticated system in terms of both
installation and management. For people who never touched it before,
it was not trivial thing to grasp. Original slash doesn't support
other languages other than English, especially some codes of East
Asian Languages such as Chinese and Japanese. We don't think i18n/l10n
is on you guys' development agenda. We have modified code, now slash
can natively run on UTF8 based Chinese language environment without
problem. Translation to all Simplified Chinese language hasn't
finished yet, but more than 70% work has been done. The rest contents
are basically FAQ and comments parts. We will gradually finish them
all and plan to release a Simplified Chinese version of Slashcode in
near future. Certainly it will comply with original Slashcode GPL
license. When we finish, we would like to let developers at know. You are welcome to include this utf8 Simplified
Chinese language packs and database files in your future releases. is running on latest CVS version of slash (Slash It is perhaps first website in mainland China which
adopted slashcode. We had hardly seen any articles introducing slash
in China before, as well as from search engines. We have never seen
website in China based on slashcode. There is only one Traditional
Chinese language pack based on slashcode four years ago. And a
Traditional Chinese website in Taiwan uses old slashcode (version
2.2.6) as well. Therefore in mainland China, should be the
first website using slashcode. Naturally we have same goal as
Slashdot, which is to build up a news community for geeks in China.