I'm having a problem with something that I expected to be trivial:
I installed and have been running a Slash 2.2.6 site for a couple of months.  I've done some customization of the site regarding topics, sections, colors, boxes, templates, polls, etc., with no problems.  However, now I need to create a 'feedback' topic which should not appear on the homepage, but which all users should be able to view and post to.
Unfortunately, it seems to be that, no matter what permutation of Topic and Section (standalone, etc.) options I use, posts always appear on the homepage.  Further, there appears to be no way for a normal user to post to a topic in a 'Standalone' section, even if I provide a link to the section (http://sitename/standalone-section-name/) -- standalone sections appear to simply list stories posted to the section without providing a means for users to submit new stories.
I've perused a few FAQs (slashcode, lottadot, etc.), slashcode-general and 'Running Weblogs with Slash,' to no avail.  I'm wondering if, maybe, I hosed something in my installation?  Should I be using the CVS R_2_3_0_151 tag source instead?  I'm considering hacking the database and the new user scripts to, by default, exclude the 'feedback' topic from the homepage, as can be done from the user-preferences page.  However, that seems like a kludgy way to do something that should be easy.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,