On Sep 13, 2006, at 4:08 AM, Imtiaz Khan wrote:

must be the CVS checkout as when using slashcode-2.2.6 I was able to install without any errors and now sections, topics, blocks etc all show up fine.

For the packaging department :) probably need the CVS tree fixed


On 9/13/06, Imtiaz Khan <khanimtiaz@gmail.com> wrote:
OK I tried to install slashcode with all modules selected (this is at the install-slashsite stage) and got an error:

Error:Slash::Install:/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/i686-linux/Slash/Install.pm:368:virtuser='virtslash' -- hostinfo='Localhost via UNIX socket' -- Table 'slashdb.sections' doesn't exist -- INSERT into sections (section, artcount, title) VALUES ('newsvac', 0, 'NewsVac Links')
Which was called by:Slash::Install:/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/i686-linux/Slash/Install.pm:167
=== (NewsVac) Failed on :INSERT into sections (section, artcount, title) VALUES ('newsvac', 0, 'NewsVac Links'):

The site is working but maybe sections isn't.

I checked /usr/local/slash/sql/mysql/schema.sql and there's no table named sections being created there. This is the CVS checkout from about four days back. Could this be a broken source problem?


You want to use the last T-tag from CVS. Get a checkout of slash-HEAD. Then read the INSTALL. Make sure you understand what it says about how slash does versions and re-visioning. Don't use 2.2.6 version of Slash. (See list-serve archives for prior in-depth discussion on why that's a bad thing to start off at, at this day and age.)

Then, decide whether you want to run the latest  T-tag, R-tag or HEAD. Grab whichever you've chosen from CVS.

Wipe your current install - rm -fR /usr/local/slash
make install the src.
drop and create the mysql database that your virtual user is to use.
run install-slashsite.

install *ONLY* the default plugins.

The install will work, and the site will function, and it will have the "latest CSS" that you mentioned in another post.

Now, go read the Nexus/topic information articles on Lottadot. http://slash.lottadot.com

You'll want create topic nexus's, for each skin (aka section). Think of it as 'section == 'a skinned nexus'.

You can either create the skins by hand (by SQL inserts) or you can grab the Skin's editor from http://cvs.lottadot.com/ (follow the instructions to install it). That'll give you a GUI interface to manage your skins.

That's it.  

Once you are at the point where the site's setup, the subdomains are setup, the Nexus and skins are setup for the subdomains *then* you can go and try experimenting with extra plugins. But even then, I'd recommend you do that on a development system, especially if the plugin is not included w/ the standard distro. And if you find you like the plugin, then install it using the install-plugin tool (after you've backed up) on your production webserver.