I having some problems getting slash to start.  I included a symbolic link to slash in rc5.d, and it appears to load okay, but I have my doubts, for if I stop apache manually (apachectl stop) and run ./slash start, I get the following:

Starting slashd stupid: ok PID = 1675
Can't open STDERR to /usr/local/slash/site/homer.hamilton.edu/logs/slashd.log:
Permission denied at /usr/local/slash/sbin/slashd line 565. why am I here? at /usr/locaol/slash/sbin/slashd line 36
           main::END() called at /usr/local/slash/sbin/slahd line 0
           require 0 called at /usr/local/slash/sbin/slashd line 0

the lines around 565 are:

sub main {
    mkpath "$constants->{logdir}/". 0, 0755;
    open STDERR, ">> $constants->{logdir}/slashd.log"
         or die "Can't open STDERR to $constants->{logdir}/slashd.log: $!";


What could I be doing wrong?