"t/select.t" seems to be failing as well (after I forced the install Net::CMD). Is that also a function of a broken libnet module as well or another problem? I'm not sure what package select.t belongs to? Also, is there an older libnet that I could fall back on that would work with Slash 2.0.0 while Graham Barr is debugging the most recent version? Lastly (I do apologize for these questions. I'm relatively new to working with Linux and a complete neophyte when it comes to Slash), how might I install all the necessary Perl modules manually? Is there a list of modules required for Slash? If so, are they all simply tarballs with makefiles?

Nathan Thaler

At 19:04 -0400 2001.09.23, John Abreau wrote:
>Clearly something in CPAN is broken; hopefully it's just the libnet
>module, and not something more systemic.
>The libnet distribution is broken on the CPAN. I filed a report with
>Graham Barr, who said he is working on it.

>If the only tests that libnet (Net::Cmd) is failing are 8-9 of t/require,
>then either do `make install` from the system shell, or `force install
>Net::Cmd` from the CPAN shell.

>I just uploaded a new Bundle::Slash, but it does not (cannot) fix this
>problem. Only a new libnet can do that. :)