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> Please do not post HTML to public mailing lists.  Thanks in advance.

Guilty as charged. Microsoft Outlook is evil. I hate HTML email...wasn't paying attention last night with my client. ;-p

> >At 23:44 -0500 2001.03.29, Julian Morley wrote:
> ><BR><FONT SIZE=2>I did a test for this, and while it posted
> a story to
> >the main page, that story is triplicated in the Story list. I hope
> >that's not a common occurence, and some other housekeeping routine
> >removes duplicates? Or did I goof again? I swear I didn't
> restart slashd
> >multiple times between posting the story and the duplicates
> >appearing.</FONT></P>
> The only time I've seen this is when using slash1toslash2. 

Well, it seems to have sorted itself out, and I hadn't been using slash1toslash2. My best guess was it was caused by my incessent restarting of slashd last night. Impatient to get the site up and running. Which it is now. ;-)

Very cool stuff, by the way.

> This is fixed
> in the most recent version of slash1toslash2 on CVS.  If you used
> slash1toslash2, this could be your problem.  Read about how
> to fix it here:
>       http://slashcode.com/article.pl?sid=01/03/21/1556210
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