thank you so much for your reply.  please check my answers below..

apache 1.3.37
perl v5.8.8
MySQL-server-4.1.21-0 (from rpm)
MySQL-client-4.1.21-0 (from rpm)
MySQL-devel-4.1.21-0 (from rpm)

I would use MySQL v5.x. See Slashcode's INSTALL for more information.
Anand: In the install docit was mentioned that MySQL v4.1.x and 5.x are good. Never thought it might be the problem. I will try with MySQL v5.x also.

I installed MySql server, client and devel rpms first and then
installed mod_perl and apache with following commands.
perl Makefile.PL APACHE_SRC=/usr/download/apache_1.3.37/src DO_HTTPD=1 \
> APACHE_PREFIX=/usr/local/apache
make test
make install
Didnt notice any errors with the installation except couple of errors
with make test as described in the install doc

you should be able to apachectl configtest and have it come out w/ no
errors at that point.
you should be able to fire up httpd and get the stock
apache-is-installed page, too, at this point.

Anand: Yep. I got the default apache page and accessed the sample perl scripts by creating an alias for a script directory.

When I tried installing slash (R_2_5_0_94), received following messages

Why R_2_5_0_94?
Anand: that is the stable version mentioned at

Writing Makefile for Slash::Apache::Banlist
Writing Makefile for Slash::Apache::Log
Writing Makefile for Slash::Apache::TemplatePages
"strip" is not defined in %Slash::Constants::EXPORT_TAGS at
line 44

Did you check Slashcode's SF bug list for this?
Anand: couldnt find any bug related to this :(
Did you grab a checkout of CVS HEAD and do a make install and see if
you still see the 'strip not defined' problem?

Anand:  got the same error with CVS HEAD.

You might want to grab CVS HEAD, or latest t-tag, and use that. I just
did an install on my laptop w/ the latest CVS-HEAD and it make
installs and install-slashsite's a brand new working site just fine.
Anand: I tried both head and the latest t-tag
by any chance did you use Fedora core 5 ? that is what I am using.

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