I'm not worried about text browsers; I personally use Lynx for SEO analyzing, but that's about it. I've got a different kind of site, if you don't get the visuals/videos etc, then you wouldn't be on my site anyway. As long as I cover Firefox and IE, that's all I'm worried about.
You can set up the FCKEditor to have limited options instead of all of them so users can't make a total mess of what they type. If an HTML tag is missed every once in a while, I can live with that and correct it on my own.
I get the geek angle, and it works for SlashDot because of the audience, but in my case I'm just going to get a lot of confused sheep.
- Jim

"Larson, Timothy E." <TELarson@west.com> wrote:
Jim Frey wrote:
> Now my question, has anyone ever thought of putting
> http://www.fckeditor.net into the story submissions? With my audience,
> most don't know how to write HTML, and I've used FCKeditor in the past
> with other projects -- it has it quirks, but overall is a really nice
> app to be able to have non-coders write HTML.

Might be nice, depending on your needs. But slash evidently has a post
validation that strips out lots of HTML as well as character entities,
so unless that is easily customized, supporting an HTML editor is a
waste. (One wouldn't have to limit posts to certain tags if there were
a generalized way to make sure the post was a valid fragment, i.e.
opened tags were closed, etc. One assumes the allowed tag selection -
mostly phrase level markup - was chosen so that it couldn't screw up
slash's page layout if an element was left unclosed.) And what about
text browsers? Mustn't forget the lowest common denominator. I've
posted to slashdot from lynx before.

Tim Larson
West Corporation, Interactive TeleServices
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