I'm starting to get use to the Slash Code, and honestly I'm amazed at how much work went into what the code does -- thank you to all who've been building this master piece <bows down>
Now my question, has anyone ever thought of putting http://www.fckeditor.net into the story submissions? With my audience, most don't know how to write HTML, and I've used FCKeditor in the past with other projects -- it has it quirks, but overall is a really nice app to be able to have non-coders write HTML.
If no one has used it, anyone have suggestions on how to make it work with Slash Code? You think I can just put it into the templates somehow? (I'm just starting to read up on the Perl templates now, so I'm not familiar with them.)
-- I've got to write the CSS for my site next, but I'm lining myself up for the next project...
Jim Frey
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