Another possible alternative way to do it - 

declare the language in your data template.


cp themes/slashcode/templates/data\;misc\;defaults themes/slashcode_CN/templates/.
edit the themes/slashcode_CN/templates/.data\;misc\;default
change language to zh_CN

then add a case statement

[% CASE 'button_createnew' %]
Create a new

[% CASE 'button_preview' %]

[% CASE 'button_edit' %]

[% CASE 'button_save' %]

[% CASE 'button_submit' %]

then in your templates something like such

<input type="submit" name="save" value="[% button_save %]">

If you did it like this, you'd just have to create the data templates for each language. if you combined it w/ the JS then it could work site-wide I'd think.


On Jul 5, 2006, at 3:44 PM, Jesse Lee wrote:

We've changed lang field 'en_US' to 'zh_CN' in all templates. But I'm not sure this field can take what effect. It seems en_US will work well in Chinese Language.

The button word is a problem. My partner has given three solutions.

1, Using JS to control in the template.
<input type="submit" value="回复" onclick="document.getElementById('op').value='reply'">
<input type="hidden" value="" name="op" id="op">

2, Change 'op' to other words, then parsed using CGI.
<input type="submit" value="回复" name="op__reply">

3, Changing corresponding string in the CGI to Chinese words. This way maybe is not a good habits.

Finally we decided to use first way, use JS to control and we've tested, works well with Firefox 1.5 and IE6. But we haven't  make changes on  those button yet. We'll do that later.

Btw, site is now down, server problem, be back soon.

On 7/6/06, shane <> wrote:
On Jul 4, 2006, at 2:50 PM, Jesse Lee wrote:

Thanks for your replies.

There are some changes, But we haven't sorted them out. Also the Chinese theme hasn't been finished yet.
We've planed to release a UTF-8 Chinese Version of Slash. Lots of things to do, except above mentioned, there are some documentations such as Chinese install guide, Chinese FAQ, etc.
When we are done these, we will post the code changes and other stuff to this list and

Please give us some time.

On 7/3/06, Jamie McCarthy <> wrote: (Jesse Lee) writes:

> Original slash doesn't support other languages other than
> English, especially some codes of East Asian Languages such as
> Chinese and Japanese. We don't think i18n/l10n is on you guys'
> development agenda. We have modified code, now slash can natively
> run on UTF8 based Chinese language environment without problem.

No, it hasn't been on our agenda, unfortunately.  I'm very
interested in incorporating your changes back into our code if it
can be done without turning things upside down for us.  If so,
that might make future upgrades for you go more smoothly.

> When we finish, we would like to let developers at
> know. You are welcome to include this utf8 Simplified Chinese
> language packs and database files in your future releases.

Please do let us know (on this mailing list, if you like).  And
congratulations on getting it all working.
  Jamie McCarthy

Did you by chance attempt to make use of the "language" field within the templates?



I'm also curious as to how you handled the form submission buttons. Some of them, if memory serves, are hard-coded-ops.

Congrats on the work!


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