On Sep 13, 2006, at 11:48 PM, Imtiaz A khan wrote:

Hi Shane,
Here's what I did :
  1. checked out the latest R tag from the CVS tree
  2. removed older instances of the install by dropping the slashdb database and the /usr/local/slash directory as well as removing the Include statements from Apache.
  3. did a make followed by make install
  4. did a install-slashsite -u virtuser
  5. added Include to Apache and restarted Apache
  6. started slash

Now the problem I am facing are:

Sections.pl, as well as any section* is depricated in that version of Slash.

You want to setup you *skins* and Topic Nexus's.

I am assuming that I should be selecting the sections plugin in the list of plugins when prompted to do so, but you were categorical about not doing so. Please advise if I should answer 'a' when asked the question "Hit 'a' to select all, otherwise select comma separated numbers or 'q' to quit" or 'q' during install-slashsite

You want to install only the default list of plugins. Do not add any. I think you'd just 'press q'.

Thanks a lot for your help I'm sure it's just a little more effort and I'll be able to make subdomains and get to using slashcode to run my websites.

Because the section stuff is depricated, that's why I was suggesting you grab the skins editor. I wrote it for inclusion into the standard code. It's been submitted to the OSTG crew, I'm sure when they have time to look at it it'll get included in the standard distribution of code. Until then, that's why I mentioned you can go grab it. It's a GUI to let you setup your skins. Otherwise, you'll have to do similar to this:

INSERT INTO skins (skid, nexus, name, title, issue, url, hostname, cookiedomain, last_rewrite)              VALUES (29,13,'convention','Convention','yes','','','',20040110235000);

where an topic already exists at the skins.tid that you are specifying that points to a tid in table topic_nexus.

The topic stuff you can setup w/ the httpd slash-admin gui. But the skins, unless you grab that plugin, you'll have to create using SQL. Don't forget to setup the CSS for each too.

INSERT INTO css (rel, type, media, file, title, skin, page, admin, theme, ctid, ordernum, ie_cond) VALUES ('stylesheet','text/css','screen, projection','foobar.css','','foorbar','','no','',2,0,'');


If you haven't looked at how to create a theme for your site, you may want to look at it. Over time, having a seperate theme for your site, rather then it using the slashcode theme, can be very time saving if you plan to make cosmetic changes to your site. If you don't plan on lots of cosmetic changes, nor template changes, then I don't know that I'd bother with a theme. theme-howto: http://slash.lottadot.com/article.pl?sid=03/06/17/224243


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