Hi all,
I'm trying to add a portald type block on my slash site which will display the content generated by using the Google API.
These are the steps how I created the portald type block:
1) created the RDF file (generated by Google API) in local directory
2) added the URL link of the RDF file to the block
3) enable the "retrieve" and "portal - check if this is a slashbox" checkboxes
4) put "4" for the "ordernum" and "index" for the "section".
After I saved and restarted my Slash site, I faced the following problems :
1) the portable type block doesn't appear
2) the content of the block didn't retrieve the data from the RDF file.
Here are my questions :
1) Am I miss out something in the steps above?
2) Is it caused by the version of XML:Parser (from what I read in slashcode.com's  "old articles" page )?
3) Where is the portald log file? I just found the portald.pid in the slash logs directory which only show the pid number.