I have a few issues with Slash since I have installed it. The first is this.
-Am I right in deducing that the Sections are the way to create separate mailing lists? If so, I have create two separate sections. I can get to them using: url/index.pl?section=sectionname. But when I click on the tag in a story that refers to the section, it takes me to: url/sectionname and I get a file not found error. Also, one of the stories that should appear in a separate section does not.
Second issue:
When I make changes to the template, sometimes they take, sometimes they don't. I haven't been saving them as default, but I have been saving them.
Last issue:
Is it possible to create authors that can only administer certain sections? i.e. a teacher who can only moderate and change the look of his/her forum.
Thank you in advance for you help,