I am running a slash site with multiple sections and have complete control over the software and server. 


I hope to offer in the future the ability to host isolated sections where a group or organization can have there own area / section devoted entirely to them for discussions.  I want this area to be isolated from the rest of the main site if possible.  I do not want to do a new slash install for each organization.


For example buddy from Company A logs into my site; he has access to all sections.  He then clicks on a section or area called partners, here is a listing of all companies partnered with, Company A then selects his company which directs him to a section that isolates him and his co workers discussions from all the other sections.


I have read that slash offers the ability to do something along these lines, but I have not seen much documentation on how I could go about doing this.


Is this possible?  If so, how might I accomplish this?