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#587 add "favorite comments" collection

Slash 2.5/3.0
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The world of Slashdot comments includes some great information, pithy quotes, and stories worthy of reference and repetition. I'd love to have a built-in way to collect these gems. Managing them in my bookmarks is yet more organizing, but I almost always remember when I "saw something on Slashdot." So for me, the ideal fix is a collection of comments - like a journal but filled with other people's thoughts. It would be a personalized "best of Slashdot."

These collections would also have potential to add more depth to the social aspects of Slashdot, because in effect this makes each reader/collector an editor. That in turn would allow readers to use each other as sophisticated filters... and it might give Slashdot itself a much more precise idea of which kinds of readers are interested in which kinds of information at much finer granularity than the Story level. There are obvious implications for targeted advertising.


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