#166 freshenup's scripts should see same time


freshenup.pl gets its list of which article.pl stories
to update at the top of the minute, and then typically
runs index.pl about a minute later. This can result in
an index.shtml that points to a story's .shtml file
that hasn't yet been written and won't be written for 3
to 4 minutes. Many 404s can result during that time.

Since stories' .shtml files need to be written first to
update hitparade counts for index.shtml, they have to
be run in that order. The only really good way to make
sure this doesn't happen is to feed index.pl a "pretend
time" -- make its call to getEssentialStories() and
whatever else pretend that it's really back at the top
of the minute when freshenup.pl built its list of which
article.pl calls to make.


  • Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy - 2002-06-16
    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy - 2002-06-16

    Logged In: YES

    New freshenup.pl speed reduces time of exposure to 404 to
    1-2 minutes and reduces its likelihood to almost 1/3rd. So
    I'm reducing this bug's priority accordingly.

  • Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy - 2002-07-12
    • priority: 2 --> 1
  • Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy - 2002-11-21
    • labels: 101848 -->
    • milestone: 169310 -->
    • assigned_to: jamiemccarthy --> nobody
  • Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy - 2004-04-11

    Logged In: YES

    Forcing story save times to the top of the minute (:00) in admin.pl
    almost completely eliminated the incidence of this bug.


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