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Maybe I'm not doing something right, but it seems that I can't make my user preferences apply to older articles. I was looking at an old Ask Slashdot page and no matter what I did it acted as if I wasn't logged in, so I saw all the comments when my threshold was 2 and the comments weren't sorted and so on.

If this is the way things are, then I propose that that would be a nice feature. If I'm doing something bogus that's causing it to not work, then I'd really appreciate an email on how to make it work!

Thanks in advance!
Ben Tracy (user ArthurDent)


  • Clifton Wood

    Clifton Wood - 2000-06-13

    If it was an older article then it's more than likely that the comment has been archived and stored as an .shtml file. At this point the comments are FLAT and are removed from the database so no sorting by threshhold can be done, and no new comments can be added, either.

    So my guess is that you were looking at an archived page. It would help out if you could give me an SID so that I could make sure...

    Unfortunately, this isn't exactly a feature request. Slashdot holds articles on (I think) a one month cycle, at which point they are then archived as I've described above. This is a policy issue and one best NOT solved by code ;-)

    If I don't hear from you in 2 days (or it turns out that this is an archived story) then I'll close this report.

  • Clifton Wood

    Clifton Wood - 2000-06-13
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  • Clifton Wood

    Clifton Wood - 2000-06-16
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