#4508 idle section treats d2 links as hyperlinks, loads new page


The idle section (on slashdot.org) is broken. Links to new comments are expanded by d2 and then treated as an href by the browser, causing a new page load (the cid link for the expanded comment). This only appears to happen on idle.slashdot.org.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Clear cookies, disable browser plugins, browse to e.g. http://idle.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1793240&cid=33635910
2) Click on one of the child comments.

Expected behavior: Child comment is expanded, rest of page left alone.
Actual behavior: Child comment page is loaded, taking you to e.g. http://idle.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1793240&cid=33636152

Interestingly, because the comment is expanded as well as the browser navigating to the new page, if you use keyboard shortcuts to force your browser to open the link in a new tab or window (in Firefox, holding control while clicking does this), then the comment is expanded (as expected) but a new tab is also created for the page with the child comment (e.g. http://idle.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1793240&cid=33636152 as above.)


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