#2963 Negative moderation ban doesn't account for positive mods

Ian Clarke

I was recently a victim of the negative moderation ban
(ie. my subnet was prevented from posting comments for
several days due to excessive negative moderation).
The cause of this were a few comments which received
lots of both positive and negative moderations due to
their contraversial nature (and some moderators clearly
moderating based on personal opinion rather than
comment quality). If nobody had moderated the comments
positively tthen they would have dropped down to -1 and
stayed there, with perhaps 2 or 3 negative moderations.
The problem was that with people moderating the
comments up, others were able to continue moderating
them down leading to excessive negative moderation.

The upshot of this is that people that post comments
that cause disagreement among moderators are extremely
vulnerable to this ban, that can't be desirable. I
suggest this mechanism take account of the number of
positive moderations received by comments, rather than
just (I assume) counting the negative moderations.


  • Rob Malda
    Rob Malda

    • status: open --> closed
  • Rob Malda
    Rob Malda

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    It's not quite that simple, but it's working as expected. Occasionally
    comments like you describe get stuck in the crossfire, and we'll try to
    resovle that when we revamp the mod system in the next few months.

  • Rob Malda
    Rob Malda

    • status: closed --> closed-works-for-me
  • Ian Clarke
    Ian Clarke

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    Glad to hear you are willing to do something about it, I
    hope you can give it a high priority since banning a subnet
    is a pretty draconian measure and false positives (as I
    believe this to be) will really hurt the very people who
    contribute most to slashdot discussions (those who challenge
    groupthink in intelligent ways).