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French-theme, 2nd release

with plugins, now ported to Slash2.2.2 (hopefully) and still untested

Posted by Jean-Philippe Moins 2002-01-05

French theme, early release

See file slashcode-fr-v0.1.1.tar.gz
** Untested **

Note: I messed w the release system. Maybe this file is in french-block package ?? sorry.

Posted by Jean-Philippe Moins 2001-11-22

Seeking contribs - Appel contrib

I need to make contacts w/ administrators of French language web sites willing to export their news wires to Slashboxes. [ Emergency: low - Importance: high ]

En franais maintenant: je souhaite que les admins de sites web au contenu en franais qui veulent exporter leurs fils d'actualit dans des Slashboxes me contactent. [ Urgence: faible - Importance: haute]

Posted by Jean-Philippe Moins 2001-11-14

Status update

French theme is in the works. I will probably issue a n *untested* tarball as soon as I have completed translation. [ allow up to 30 days for this ]

Then I will test on my machine. I never installed Slash 2.2.0 on an iMac. Hope it will work ok. When the theme passes my tests, I will do a new release.

Stay tuned.

Posted by Jean-Philippe Moins 2001-11-14


Hello all. This project opens to mimic the "slash-italian theme" project here on sourceforge.

For more info on Slashcode, go to

Posted by Jean-Philippe Moins 2001-11-14